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29 February 2024

01: Why Bezos is Buying your Bag - E1

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01: Why Bezos is Buying your Bag

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Has Jeff finally got Bitcoin FOMO? I'll look at the numbers that's got everyone speculating. Then, my thoughts on the White House's next attack on Bitcoin and the notable shift in the public store of value debate.

Show Notes:

White House Flags Bitcoin Mining as Major Power Grid Burden
  • GrapheneOS v2024 022 300: New Setup Wizard, New Color Schemes
    • Completely new GrapheneOS Setup Wizard implementation for the initial setup of the device and secondary user profiles;
    • Theme Picker: update color schemes including adding the monochromatic colorscheme option;
    • Sandboxed Google Play compatibility layer: add support for Android Auto 11.3
    • Sandboxed Google Play compatibility layer: add developer functionality for updating Android Auto via the Play Store for testing;
  • Blockstream Green Wallet Desktop v2.0.0: New UI and UX
  • New UI and UX: the user experience has been simplified and streamlined with a more polished, intuitive interface for easier access to key features;
  • All-in-one UX: use your existing wallets for both your Bitcoin and Liquid accounts across singlesig and assisted multisig. You have the flexibility to choose whether to combine Bitcoin and Liquid accounts or not, and thus to organize your mainchain and second-layer stacks as you deem fit.;
  • Simpler onboarding for new Jade users, minimizing ambiguity and errors during the initial setup;
  • Sign with address to prove its ownership.

  • PricedInBitcoin21
  • The Bitcoin Company Promo Link

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